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Couple of nice scores to add :)

So Bill at Pork Pie did a bunch of Internationally Inspired snare drums for his booth at NAMM.

Well my heritage is German and I absolutely love the country.

Someday I hope to travel there and my bucket list is watch a German national world cup game in Germany…

Anyways, he of course did a German snare drum so I texted Bill and said consider it sold to me.

Well here she is!

I also found these on my local craigslist.. a photographer was using them for people to sit on for portrait shots and he is quitting the business. Got the pair for $30

Since we had a topic open about entry level cymbals I started looking for some deals on Sabian XS’s.

I found this ride cymbal for only $65 bucks!! Can’t pass that up as they go for over a $100 still and you can still find new ones for almost $200. Plus I needed one more for my practice kit I just set up.

I have one more purchase that should be here tomorrow according to the tracking number and this one was almost the deal of the century. A lady had a 16″ Floor tom to match my PDP kit and she had it labeled as a DPD and the drum was upside down! She only wanted like $45 bucks or something. I wrote her and asked her the size and she told me 16″ but then raised her price! i still ended up getting it for $75 shipped and currently online there’s one on eBay for over $200! So I feel I got a great deal!

I’ll post pictures once I get it.


Posted on February 15, 2017 in Hardware / Drum Gear / Equipment

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