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Humes & Berg Bag Review

I’ve been using a Roadrunner 50″ rolling hardware bag to tote my hardware. It’s a great bag, but waaay more than I need. It’s very heavy (even empty), awkward to handle and just an overkill. I switched to DW lightweight flat based stands and decided it was time to invest in a new hardware bag that was more manageable. After days of research, I decided on the 36″ Humes & Berg “Seeker” Tilt-n-Pull bag. This thing is sweeeeet:punk:.

The build quality is very impressive. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Heavy duty, high quality zippers, reinforced seams and heavy rubber grips around the handles (much easier on your hands than bare nylon straps). The hooks on the removable shoulder strap are metal..not those cheap plastic clips like they use on dog collars. The axle & wheels are high quality luggage type, not cheap plastic rollers. The nylon webbed straps are 2X as wide as on the Roadrunner bag. This thing is built like a ’53 Hudson….but still fairly light weight.

The design is even more impressive. I give it a 10 out of 10. The inside is lined with a thick layer of padding and fleece.:dancing:. It has internal straps that are wide and long enough to strap in as many stands as you could possibly fit in it. The buckle adjustments on the straps are well designed and EASY to adjust. It comes with detachable heavy plastic panels that can be attached to the sides via massive Velcro strips. When installed, they make the sides of the bag rigid. It has tons of external storage pockets with zippers too. And the BEST part; the top unzips around 3 sides, creating a coffin style lid that can be folded over one side. THIS is a HUGE deal. Between the coffin style lid and the rigid plastic side panel inserts, they make the bag almost as easy to pack/load as a rigid hardware case. Anyone who uses a hardware bag with one long zipper down the middle understands the problem. The empty bag folds in on itself and makes it a royal pain to pack your stuff.

I should say; I have nothing really bad to say about the Roadrunner bag I have been using. It’s very well made and has held up very well. It’s just too darn big (50″ long) for my needs. I will continue to use it for hauling the band stuff. It will probably hold all our mic, guitar and speaker stands, as well as some other stuff. BUT…this H&B Seeker bag is better built and appears to be designed by someone who actually uses hardware bags. We’ll see how it holds up to gigging, but based on the design construction and build quality, I don’t foresee having to buy a replacement for a long time. I’ll post some pics shortly.


Posted on February 17, 2017 in Drum Reviews

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