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Set up issues

Man I am having some real problems trying to get my kit set up comfortably lately. When I started 11 yrs ago I played strictly 2 up one down and played that way for a good 8 years. Then I went to 1 up 2 down and though it was ok I always had a problem going from the 16″ (2nd ft) to the snare. Probably was a right hand lead issue now thinking about it.

I then went to a 1 up 1 down 2 yrs ago and loved it, some new songs in the new band almost require a 3rd tom so I have gone back to trying 2 up 1 down and man I just cannot get the 2nd crash in a good comfortable spot. I feel like I am reaching the crash above the right tom and if I move it closer I seem to hit it when rolling thru the toms.

I even tried moving the toms to the left a little and still the 2nd crash is a reach..arrrgghhhh I hate to go back to 1 up 2 down as that requires new drums but starting to think that is the only way. I will look at some pics and try to figure something out but any pics of a good comfy 2 up 1 down set up would be great. BTW I am using 2 crashes, a ride, and a cowbell. Thanks….Also what set up do you use and why?


Posted on February 15, 2017 in General Drum Chat

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