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Wholesale Ordering

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  • Minimum $250 for first order.
  • Shipping is USPS Priority Mail flat rate domestic.
  • Only individual mutes are availble for wholesale pricing.
  • Mutes are packaged individually in clear hanger bags with labels on inside of bag and size marked on outside of each bag.

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Dead Ring Cymbal Mutes

$9.99$26.99 $9.99$20.99

This black cymbal mute is custom fit. Select your size below.

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Product Description

Dead Ring Cymbal Mutes are made of flexible woven materials that are durable and guaranteed to last. Classic black. Available in all sizes from 6 into through 24 inch. Dead Ring Mutes are always handmade in the USA.

Dead Ring Cymbal Mute Benefits

  • 95% reduction in “resonant ring.”
  • Reduce wear on drum sticks.
  • Protect your hearing when practicing.
  • Provide normal stick rebound.
  • Preserve cymbal edges.
  • Allow “real world” work on technique.
  • Provide natural stick feel.
  • Open up the crown for natural muted playing.
  • Improve neighbor relations.
  • Patent Pending Design.

This is the perfect solution to save your hearing, save neighbor relations or save your family’s sanity.

Additional Information


6 inch cymbal, 7 inch cymbal, 8 inch cymbal, 9 inch cymbal, 10 inch cymbal, 11 inch cymbal, 12 inch cymbal, 13 inch cymbal, 14 inch cymbal, 15 inch cymbal, 16 inch cymbal, 17 inch cymbal, 18 inch cymbal, 19 inch cymbal, 20 inch cymbal, 21 inch cymbal, 22 inch cymbal, 23 inch cymbal, 24 inch cymbal


Dead Ring Cymbal Mutes

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